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Next to the quaint and particular Chiaramonte’s “Villa” known as the most beautiful terrace of Sicily rise a hotel frame called “Villa Nobile”. Villa Nobile is a two star hotel with homely management that can offer hospitality to about 50 persons. Rooms have all bathroom, TV and phone, other also have air-conditioning. 

We give you the opportunity of a cultural and natural stay with various itineraries inspired to the knowledge of artistic and gastronomic heritage of Iblea’s cities. 

Our hotel is in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a mountain village rich of masterpieces and churches. Here you will find the rest of his medieval township with its symbol: “The Annunziata Arch”. 

Here you will breathe fresh air thanks to the green pine-forest over the storic Arcibessi Mountain. Chiaramonte is also the museum city. So in the town there are 8 little museums linked to local traditions.

We invite you also to observe beauty and stillness’ town , with the same naivety and the same amazement with which the first foreign travellers observed our territory in the last century. Travellers should not leave the small town before tasting its delicious olive oil, a symbol of quality and made in Italy” and its unique cuisine, in particular a special pork dish. 

We remind You that Iblea’s province is the Baroque cradle with Ibla, Modica, Scicli, and Ispica where You can find masterpieces in neo-liberty style, Comiso with its white stones and churches. In summer, beaches, Irminio preserve with its dunes faced to the sea or the archeological industrial evidence of Pisciotto are other suggestive itinerary to know “the island in the island”.


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